The Information Technology Services (ITS) (formerly Computer Maintenance Technology) competition requires contestants to identify and correct end -user computing issues including configuration problems, operating system failures, boot issues, basic client side network problems and install common software components. The contest also includes client or customer facing issues pertaining to intake or resolution of a customer installation or repair. Students must demonstrate basic ability to configure & secure SOHO networks, manage client side virtual machines, basic understanding of Windows registry, use of remote assistance software to support remote clients, comprehensive knowledge of commands, and work with mobile devices as well as taking written tests regarding their technical knowledge. The goal is to find the top competitors to represent Illinois in the national contest.

The contest may include but is not limited to:

    • Use of Commands
    • Networking
    • Windows Registry
    • Powershell
    • Virus and Malware
    • Security configuration for Browsers and/or SOHO
    • Customer Service Module
    • Security Concepts
    • Boot Failures
    • Imaging and Systems Staging
    • Written Examination
    • Linux


The winner of the contest will compete in the national contest.